At Christ Church Endcliffe our vision is to glorify God in everything. In particular, we seek to reach out to those who don’t follow Jesus, to build up each other in our faith, and to send out people to serve God in his world.

Each year we also have a particular focus to help us towards this vision. In 2021, we want to take the opportunity that covid restrictions, and God-willing their slow lifting, provide to have a “reset”.

The videos below give more details about what will be involved, and how we can each play a part.

Video Introductions

Introduction to Reset 2021

What will it be like to get back to the essentials in 2021?

What does it involve?

Some of the ideas we’ve had about our reset, and a special prayer focus for next year.

How should I respond? Pt 1

Explaining all about the response forms at the bottom of this page.

Our Response

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