At Christ Church Endcliffe our vision is to glorify God in everything. In particular, we seek to reach out to those who don’t follow Jesus, to build up each other in our faith, and to send out people to serve God in his world.

Each year we also have a particular focus to help us towards this vision. In 2021, we want to take the opportunity that covid restrictions, and God-willing their slow lifting, provide to have a “reset”.

Below you’ll see

  • Videos introducing the Reset vision
  • Links to resources on the major focus on prayer, and on financial partnership
  • Details of how we are asking us all to respond

As well as the information on this webpage, we’ve also sent a letter to all the church family – do let us know if you haven’t received it.


Introduction to Reset 2021

What will it be like to get back to the essentials in 2021?

What does it involve?

Some of the ideas we’ve had about our reset, and a special prayer focus for next year

How should I respond? Pt 1

Explaining all about the response forms at the bottom of the page.

How should I respond? Pt 2

Some initial thoughts about the Reset theme, and explaining about financial partnership


As we begin thinking about what a year of reset might involve, here are some resources that you might find helpful.

The videos above take Acts 2:42-47 as a guide about what the church should consider essential and be devoted to. Here is a sermon that Ed preached on this when we were going through the early chapters of Acts a few years ago.

Here is for an initial plan of how we will have prayer as a major focus throughout 2021.

Thinking about financial partnership, here is a resource on why and how we should be giving toward gospel ministry that will be helpful as we reassess our finances and our giving.

And here is a presentation giving more details about our church finances and budget for 2021.


As you can see from the videos above there are a number of different ways we are praying that you might respond to Reset 2021.

First, we’ve put together a church family survey – there’s a different version for adults and children.

Finally, please take some time to look at the partnership giving information on these pages and then fill in the giving response card online. 

Please would you do both these parts of your response by December 13th.

Finally, in the new year, look out for your invitation to our series of Reset Mornings that we’ll be running through the Spring term, and book yourself into one.